Twestal Roundup 2011
15 April 2011

It started with a single tweet...
Last Thursday night, people around the globe got the unique opportunity to come together and donate to a local charity by taking part in a global event, all through one of social medias newest crazes, Twitter. This unique opportunity arose when Amanda Rose in 2008 had the thought that with a single tweet she could begin a global fundraising initiative. That single tweet travelled around the cyber sphere until Amanda Rose, with the help of Twestival teams in 174 countries from around the world, had raised in two years, 1.2 million dollars to help 150 NGO’s.

For the last three years, we have been organising Twestival Galway against one major difficulty, there hadn't been mass adoption of Twitter by the people of Galway. However, Twitters ever growing popularity has now increased to the point that when the Twestival team approached Galwegians over the last few weeks about being part of Twestival or contributing in some way, they had at least heard of Twitter, if not Twestival.

The sense of intrigue aroused by the idea of a Twitter Festival was what made the hosting of this event possible. Many if not all, local Galway businesses who were asked to contribute in some way to Twestival jumped at the opportunity of supporting a local charity using a modern initiative. They were excited by the prospect of being associated with this new technology based event. Even the smallest business knows how important it is to be involved in the new marketing world of social media. Twestival gave local businesses the opportunity to get involved or be left behind!

This year the Twestival Galway team grew in number from just one person to two and together they trekked through the streets of Galway in their bright yellow t-shirts, answering questions about Twestival and how it operates and calling upon every local business they could think of to ask for their support no matter how small.
With all the raffle prizes rounded up, all that remained to do was host the event itself! The House Hotel in Galway under the kindness of Margaret Jenkins kindly offered the use of kitsch and modern reception area in which in which to host the event.

Although the turnout was small with maybe 30 people present, it made for an intimate occasion where people had the opportunity to truly interact on a more personal level. Time and Place Productions  DJ, Colm Dunne provided the music on the night with a mix of chill out House music, a style perfectly befitting the atmosphere of the House hotel venue. Those who were present enjoyed a fun night of socialising and Ellen and Adrian of Crowdscanner, had tailored their neat app to the Twestival event, giving the crowd present the opportunity to get know each other and discover what they had in common, which was shared and projected onto one of the walls in the reception area.

The hope is that next year as Twitters popularity continues to grow, Twestival Galway will be bigger and better than ever, volunteers are always welcome to be part of this unique and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

It started with a single tweet...and turned into half a million dollars raised for global charities, who wouldn’t want the opportunity to be part of something so new, so different and so enterprising? : )

A big shout out to all the sponsors of Twestival Galway Thank You!!
24 March 2011

Twestival Galway would like to thank the following Galway businesses for their generous support by providing raffle prizes in aid of the GSPCA:

Shane and Cathal at Meteor

Niamh at Top Oil

Michael at Fahy Foto

Anthony Ryans

Fat Tonys

Sweetie Pies

Cloon Keen

Busker Brownes

Catherine at Da Tang Noodle House

Tommy at Hearts of Galway

Gourmet Tart Co.


Keith at Wiccle

More names are to follow as the sponsors arrive in! : )

We're gearing up towards a fun night this Thursday in the House Hotel at 7pm. If you'd like to help us by participating in the event, tickets are availible online from Its guaranteed to be a great night and you could win some of the lovely prizes our sponsors have donated!!

Twestival Galway 2011 to be held in the House Hotel Galway
21 March 2011

Twestival Galway will be held in the lobby of the House Hotel in Galway city. For directions on how to get there please see the map details.

The event on the evening will start at 7pm so if you are around please feel free to pop in for a drink and support us.

Hosting provided by mediatemple